These are gates that open with a rotation around a fulcrum, generally a hinge, just like an ordinary door hence requiring a substantial internal space. The hinges are generally anchored into concrete pillars on the sides which are affixed to the gates which enable them to move in a circular path.


Stylo: small on the outside, big on the inside

Just 8 cm; all that’s required for this solution, ideal for swing gates with leaves up to 1.8 m wide.
For applications on small pillars or in the presence of fences or walls behind the gate.


Your best friend!

Robust, reliable, discreet. The Amico solution is designed for gates with swing leaves up to 1.8 m wide.


Customised solution? With Axo you have made the right choice

Ideal for swing gates of different sizes: 2 to 7 m wide per leaf. Quick, easy installation even where space is limited by the presence of walls or fences.


The perfect complement to your wrought iron gate

Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, combining style and strength.
Available in three versions, to be applied to swing gates with leaves between 3 and 5 m wide.


Technology within arm’s reach

Suitable for applications in medium and large pillars. Thanks to the jointed arm, swing gates with leaves up to
2.3 m wide can be moved.


Versatile on large pillars

Simple to affix to leaves up to 4 m wide, with practical jointed arm.

Frog Plus

A power like no other

“Retracting” solution, ideal for automatic swing gates with very uncommon dimensions with leaves up to 7 m wide or weighing 1100 kg.

Super Frog

For super gates!

This is an underground operator for large gates with swing leaves
up to 8 m.
Ideal for industrial doors and hangars.