Bollard is a short vertical post to control or direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic, such as posts arranged in a line to obstruct the passage of motor vehicles. They usually consist of a simple steel post anchored to concrete, cored into a hard surface or buried in the ground protecting the surroundings from any damage when the bollard is impacted.

Automatic Bollards

GENERATION 6 : It has a very high impact resistance as it is formed from cast steel up to 24 mm (7/8″). The cover cast from steel in one piece with a 10 year warranty, fully protects the bollard.
TRADITION : Its impact resistance is very high as it is made of cast steel (thickness up to 24 mm (7/8″). The cover Cast in one piece, 10-years warranty for the highly resistant cover in cast steel.
LUXOR : The movement of the Luxor pneumatic bollard is signalled by a double device consisting of: light and sound, to prevent any inadvertent impacts by pedestrians and cyclists.

Retractable Bollards

GENERATION 6 : Each bollard consists of three structural elements (box, cover and moulded bollard head), and is supplied with a key matching the imprint selected.
OVALIE : While keeping with the tradition of reliabilty which comes with the Urbaco name the Ovalie bollard is a more refined design which can be stylish addition to any modern urban environment.
CUSTOMISED : We are confident in our know-how and experience, and can therefore offer specific models based on drawings made by architects or even with the help of our research department create unique designs for your project.

Removable Bollards

GENERATION 6 : Removable bollards are the simplest and most efficient solution to control the temporary opening of an otherwise closed access or parking space, with a small budget.
TRADITION : Urbaco utilises cast iron and stainless steel in the manufacture of its products.

Fixed Bollards

GENERATION 6 : The forms and dimensions of the Generation 6 range are identical to the automatic and semi-automatic retractable bollards, making it possible to maintain aesthetic harmony in your urban developments without sacrificing functionality.
TRADITION : These bollards are manufactured in cast iron, but also in steel, stainless steel and even wood or stone on request.